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Just like a hobby - Paper 3D Crafts

The origins of the Paper Tole or 3-D Decoupage, as we called it today, were started by Japanese for centuries already. They shaped and folded paper to form beautiful designs. They transformed two-dimensional piece of paper into 3D output.

In the 17th century, the art form decoupage developed. The craftspeople implanted designs to furniture using repeated coats of lacquer. They used 15 to 20 coats.

The French and Venetian polished the techniques to create 3-dimensional pictures. They called the technique as Vue d’Optique. It is considered at par with modern method of using paper sculpture.

This craft is called in different names namely papiertole, papertole, 3-D paper tole, 3 Dimensional Paper Tole, Decoupage, 3-D Art, 3-D Decoupage, Decoupage crafts, Decoupage art, and dimensional art.

3-D craft rapidly enhanced. It was moved from layering techniques to actual paper sculpturing. During the late 70’s and early 80’s this craft called the interest of many. People from the north side of the earth took interest in this craft and developed the techniques by embedding flair and artistry.

Below is a procedure on how to make a 6-armed three dimensional snowflake decoration that you can use in your Christmas tree or as window-hanger.

  • Papers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape

1. Separately fold the 6 pieces of paper in half diagonally.
2. Cut 3 lines on each side of the triangle from the folded edge. Do not cut through the unfolded edges. The lines should be parallel to one another on each side. It must meet in the middle but not touch; it must have a small space between them.
3. Unfold the paper. Turn it. The diamond shape must be facing you.
4. While keeping your paper diamond side up, roll the first two innermost paper lines. It must look like a tube. Tape them together. There must be triangle shape on each side of the roll.
5. Turn it around on the other area. Get the two paper lines, pull them. Tape it again on the other side of the tube. This is more rounded and wider than the other tube.
6. Continue turning and joining the paper lines together on opposite side until all lines are finish.
7. Repeat this process for the remaining papers. (Step 3 – 7)

Join together the 3 rolled pieces:
  1. At one end, join together the 3 completed rolled pieces. Staple them together. Do it on the other 3 pieces. You have now 2 pieces consisting of 3 arms each.
To form a snowflake, join the 2 pieces together:
  1. Using a stapler, join the two pieces together in the middle. You almost recognize the snowflake shape this time.
  2. To make sure that the snowflake shape is pulled into its place, staple the 6 arms.
  3. Decorate if desired.
  4. Put a metallic yarn or cotton.
Hang your snowflake on the tree or window sill.
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